Elderly Falls Prevention & Care

Ravenscroft Health offers comprehensive rehabilitation services for older individuals, focusing on maintaining independence and enhancing quality of life.

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Our special programs are made to help older adults stay steady on their feet and move better. We focus on making you stronger so everyday things are easier to do. We have lots of different services to help older people, all made just for them. We really care about keeping you healthy and happy, so you can keep doing what you love and living life to the fullest.

What elderly rehabilitation services do we offer?

Ravenscroft Health offers a range of programmes and services to support older people, depending on your individual needs and goals. These includes:​

  • Thorough assessment and identification of patient’s problems and functional limitations 
  • Exercise programme for strengthening weak muscles 
  • Stretching programme to improve flexibility 
  • Balance and co-ordination training programme 
  • Patient education and strategies to prevent falls 
  • Environmental risk assessment 
  • Home exercise programme 
  • Advice on use of specialist mobility aids 
  • Advice on specialist equipment to assist every day activities



Diagnostic Ultrasound Scan

Joint Injections

Pain Management

Sports Injuries

Adult Physiotherapy

Children Physiotherapy

Women’s Physiotherapy

Home Physiotherapy

Shockwave therapy


Foot Scan and Phits Orthotics

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Enhancing Life, Excelling In Care.

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