Facet Joint Injections

Ravenscroft Health offers Facet Joint Injections, providing targeted relief for individuals experiencing symptoms such as chronic back pain, stiffness, and limited mobility due to facet joint issues.

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Facet Joint Injections, a specialized procedure offered at Ravenscroft Health, provide targeted relief for individuals experiencing symptoms such as chronic back pain, stiffness, and limited mobility due to facet joint issues. By delivering medication directly into the affected joints, these injections heals inflammation and provide an effective option for managing facet joint-related discomfort. Administered by skilled and experienced doctors who specialize in this treatment method, Facet Joint Injections offer a safe and personalized approach to comprehensive pain management, facilitating improved spinal function and enhanced quality of life for our patients.

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What are facet joints?

Facet joints are small joints located between each vertebra of the spine. A pair of facet joints are located at the back of each spinal segment. These joints help support the spine and allow for range of motion.

Are facet joint injections painful?

Slight burning or a pinch may be experienced while the local anesthesia takes effect. However, pain should not be intense. No pain should be felt during the actual facet joint injection, since the area is numbed. Soreness and slight pain may occur for a few days following the injection.

How long does pain relief from a facet joint injection last?

The potential for pain relief is from a few weeks to three months or longer. Facet joint injections can be given up to three times per year. If pain is reduced after this procedure, the facet joints are the root cause of the pain.

When can regular activities be resumed after a facet joint injection?

Any strenuous activities and driving should be avoided on the day of the injection. Regular activities can resume the day following the injection. Physical activity in moderation can be resumed; however, activities should be slowly increased over a one-to-two-week period to avoid heightened pain.



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