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Ravenscroft Health offers advanced Foot Scan and Orthotics services, crafting custom solutions for foot health and mobility enhancement.

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Our Advanced Foot Scan and Orthotics services are all about keeping your feet healthy and making you feel better overall. We use the latest foot scanning technology to get detailed information about how your feet move and their structure. Our experts can spot any issues that might be causing you pain or discomfort. Then, we create special orthotic solutions just for you, to give your feet the support and comfort they need. Our goal is to help you move better and feel more confident and energetic by reducing strain on your feet and legs.

From Scan to Sole

At Ravenscroft Health we use Foot Scan, the state-of-the art technology, with over 4000 sensors that accurately measures the forces your foot is dealing with as you walk and run.


The scan assessment will reveal any unnatural forces taken through your feet and any abnormalities in foot alignment and symmetry between two sides that affects the way you walk and run.


Designed directly from your Foot Scan Assessment, your clinician will prescribe PHITS 3D Printed Insoles which are 100% bespoke for you and your needs


Our Phits expert will invite you for insole fitting. You will be given the advice on how to use the insoles.

Whom is the foot scan for?

  • Conditions such as plantar fasciitis (heel and arch pain) or metatarsalgia (pain in the ball of your foot)
  • Pain when walking, running​, cycling or playing sports
  • Foot, ankle, knee, hip or back pain​
  • Sore feet when standing all day​
  • Flat feet, bunions, neuromas or hammer toes​
  • Recurring lower limb injuries from sport/ activity
  • Recurring lower limb injuries from sport/ activity
  • Balance issues or poor posture​
  • Diabetic and at risk of ulcerations
  • Injury prevention in performance sport such as running, cycling or golf​

What makes Phits Orthotics so groundbreaking?

Orthotic Innovation

The award-winning Phits insoles are the world’s first 3D printed orthotics, specifically designed based on your dynamic gait analysis using footscan®.

Optimal Accuracy

Phits are accurate to the nearest 0.1mm with no room for error in the manufacturing process, providing tailored support and cushioning where you need it most.

Lightweight and Robust

Phits are less than half the weight of traditional orthotics while offering extreme durability and comfort, whether you are walking, running, or playing sports.

Footwear Specific

Regardless of your age or activity level, we have specific designs to cater to your footwear needs, such as walking, running, football, golf, cycling, skiing, and workwear.



Are phits orthotics covered by my insurance?

This will likely vary depending on your country and insurance coverage. Check with your foot and ankle specialist or ask your insurance provider for more information. 

How long do phits orthotics last?

The 3D-printed base is very durable. With normal use, either for daily wear or sports activities, you can expect the base to last for at least two years and in many cases even more depending on the intensity of use. If your top cover may wear out, you can easily replace them whenever necessary. 

How do phits orthotics work?

Generally speaking, custom orthotics correct the way your foot reacts while moving or standing. If your practitioner spots any abnormal motion or rolling of your foot, they can design your orthotics to help you get back to a normal gait. The overall goal is to improve your comfort, avoid pain throughout your body, and keep your feet healthy for longer, whether you’re walking, running, or standing for long periods of time. 

Phits orthotics are designed using scientifically proven algorithms, thoroughly studied by clinical researchers and universities around the world, to best fit your specific walking pattern.  

Can the top cover be replaced?

Yes! Replacing the top cover is easy. Simply send the orthotics back to our production facility alongside your return form, and our production team will adjust them with the top cover of your preference to make them as good as new again. 

Can I order another pair of my orthotics?

Yes, you can! Every pair of phits orthotics is unique, with its own order ID number. Ask your specialist for another pair, and they’ll be able to look up and order another pair identical to the original design. 



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